Health Consciousness

Topics: Drink, Coffee, Beverages Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Based on the results of the experiment, most women do not opt to drink healthier beverages than men. After analyzing the data obtained through observations and finding that the results were insignificant, it can be concluded that there was no substantial evidence supporting the hypothesis stating that women were more health conscious than men based on their choice of drink. As shown in the study, women chose to intake just as many unhealthy beverages as men did. Although the total number of women who chose healthy drinks outnumbered the number of men who opted to do the same, there was not a big enough difference to support our claim.

The sample observation, although small, can help alleviate the common misconception that women are more health conscious than men. In today's American society, people tend to generalize the female population's conception of their physical appearance and well being. This can be attributed to the numerous advertisements and propaganda, depicting slim and healthy women. Due to the fact that women consumed almost the same amount of unhealthy beverages as men, one can make the assumption that men are just as health conscious as women or that women are not as health conscious as perceived.

Because of the small sample size of people observed in the experiment, no concrete conclusions can be made based on the data gathered. The inability to enact this experiment amongst a higher, denser population over a longer period of time proved to be detrimental to it's results. Having a greater amount of people included in the study may allow for a bigger difference in the choice of drink between men and women. Also, having a clear view of the drink stations being observed may help eliminate erroneous data. The cups that people usually drink out of are not transparent, making it harder for a researcher to make sure of the contents within those cups. A good vantage point on the beverage dispenser and the names of each individual...
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