Health Care Reform Benefits

Topics: Health care, Insurance, Health insurance Pages: 3 (600 words) Published: April 22, 2015
The Health care reform benefits the people by making it against the law to deny any U.S. citizen coverage or rise rates based on pre-existing medical conditions for example diabetes, high-blood pressure, or asthma. The reform also prevents insurances companies from dropping you because of any illness or accidents you get while covered, however that’s not the reform also provides U.S. citizens with Free preventive care and annual checkups which the law focuses on to help people stay healthy and to mange chronic medical conditions before they become more complex and costs Americans a fortune in treatment for something that could have been avoided. Another Benefit is the health reform allows citizens to pick the doctor of their choice thorough your health care plans provided network and grants them emergency room access out of there network without any penalty’s unlike before. Also people will now get premium rebates if the insures underspend on health care expenses due to the fact that most insures have to spend at least 80% percent of premiums, but if insures spend to much on overhead like salaries or administrative costs instead of health care they must issue premium rebates to consumers. Then the reform also forces insurance companies to have standard disclosure forms which began in September 23, 2012 by summarize benefits and coverage, including information on co-payments, deductibles, and out-of-pocket limits. Insurers must note any excluded services all in one place. Insurers must also calculate and disclose your typical out-of-pocket costs for two medical scenarios. To add on by law health care plans must cover set of essential benefits such as doctor visits, prescription medications, hospital stays and ambulatory care and newborn care. And now some families may even qualify for financial assistance to help lower costs of their premiums, for example a family of four earning 50,000 per year can get affordable coverage for as little as $162 per month. A...
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