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Topics: Universal health care, Medicine, United States Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: March 21, 2014

Nationalized Models and Country Comparison Chart
James Curtis III
26 January 2014
Grand Canyon University – HLT-205

Health care delivery has become big business throughout the world. America is without doubt the leading country of medical and scientific advances. However, this paper will examine the similarities and differences between two impressive health care models. The high cost of providing health care coverage has become a challenge for many countries including modern industrialized nations like the United States and Australia (The Commonwealth Fund, 2010).  This research will examine this phenomenon and the governments of the United States and Australia’s attempts to control costs through legislation. The United States and Australia share some similarities but one considerable contrast: Both countries have reacted in many ways to utilize legislation as a means of controlling escalating costs.

Nationalized Models and Country Comparison
Today, Australia has a universal national health care program called Medicare that was re-instituted in 1984. The government does recommend that those citizens who earn over a specific income to obtain a private health insurance. Unlike the United States which has a system of market justice, Australia has a system of social justice that believes everyone should have basic health care (Australia Government Foreign Affairs and Trade). Unfortunately, there is growing concern for the aboriginal population of Australia and them relieving basic health care because of their rural location on the land to support them. Note, this is the same ideas that helped put together the culture of early Americans. the problem with the Aboriginals is that they are a dying culture, like the American Indian culture; both countries are losing their continents first citizens (Australia Government Foreign Affairs and Trade). Much like the United...

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