Health and Safety at Work

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Joy Mc Inerney

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Explore the role of communications and training in promotion and provision of health and safety in the workplace. 3. Outline the principles and procedures of good housekeeping in the work place 4. Noise, dust and fumes are hazards whish commonly found in the work place for one of these hazards outline the risk associated with the exposure to this hazard and control measures which might be used in the workplace. Identify at least three hazards which are commonly encountered in your workplace and briefly describe how these are controlled. 5. Explain the typical contents of a first aid kit and their uses. 6. Explain the risks associated with the following hazards work environment, work practices, medication, alcohol and drugs, outline for each steps which an employer might take control these risks (please provide at least two controls per hazards) 7. Outline risk factors in relation to health to include stress, lifestyle, diet and illness. 8. Conclusion

9. Bibliography

I will create a report demonstrating my knowledge on the need, importance and understanding of various aspects of health and safety at work. I will explain the importance of good communication and training of health and safety in the workplace, housekeeping in the workplace, I will also explain the hazards and the control measures which will be used in the workplace. I will also explain the content and uses of a first aid kit, risks associated with hazards and the control measures.

Question 1
Explore the role of communications and training in the promotion and provision of health and safety in the work place. Under the Health, Safety and Welfare act 2005 employers are required to carry out a risk assessment of the workplace and record the findings and control measures in the safety statement. Employers must provide their employees the correct training to ensure their health and safety at work. The communication between employers and employees can be verbal, visual and written. Fire Safety

A fire safety risk assessment should be carried out should included fire prevention, fire detection and warning, and emergency escape routes and assembly points. These should be all included in the safety statement. First Aid and Manual and Patient Handling

All staff should be trained in first aid and manual and patient handling Clinical Waste Management
Landfill and incineration is the most common way that hospitals use for waste disposal. Staff that is responsible for cleaning contaminated equipment requires the correct training in how to do this safely. Staff should wear the appropriate protective clothing. Clinical waste requires special disposal and can be recognise by colour coded plastic bags from other general waste. .

Question 2
Outline the principles and procedures of good housekeeping in the work place Cleaning and laundry staff must be trained in the correct methods and chemicals to use in order to minimise any cross infection occurring in the healthcare facility. Good housekeeping means having no unnecessary items around and keeping everything in its correct place. Good housekeeping is vital in case of emergencies and there is blocking of emergency exits, this is a hazard for both staff and patients. There are procedures which should be followed. Staff should follow the health and safety work policies and procedures of the facility they work in. Staff should keep the work place clean and tidy and staff should keep all emergency exits and entrances clear of any hazards. An ongoing cleaning schedule should be made up and should be maintained. It should specify the roles and responsibilities for the staff, the work procedures, requirements for all types of cleaning agents, uses of personal protective wear and the...

Bibliography: Class notes
Creative Training Manual
SFA Small Firms Association copyright 2003
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