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. A lot of persons do not participate in sports just because they feel it’s a boring time consuming process. Sports from my own point of view is life…… life because research has shown that it’s healthy to do sports. Engaging in sports increases both the physical and mental health of its participants as well as reduces stress, and most of all…….IS GREAT FUN. Of a truth not every sport is right for you, but the fun part is that you would enjoy it when you locate the one suitable for you.

Playing sports is something most of us love, Right? Undoubtedly, sports are a whole lot of fun, and they offer several health benefits too you know. Playing some sport regularly goes a long way in maintaining your physical and mental well-being. Sports help enhance our personality and are a good source of both exercise and entertainment.

There are various types of sports we can engage in, which can be great fun and joy. Sport is of different dimensions and categories; starting from leisure to competitive, tactful to simple. Whatever sport you might like, know that it is beneficial to your health and body.

Playing sports makes you happy. I know anyone would agree with this. Jumping about, running around, racing to get ahead, hitting, throwing, bouncing, kicking (the ball, I mean!), shouting, clapping, cheering, falling and standing up again... all a part of playing sports. And there is no match to the happiness this brings. They give you the high by increasing the production of endorphins in the brain. In other words, sports are a form of exercise which generates happiness molecules in your body, thus restoring your mental health. Playing sports, you can't be sad. In fact, they bust the sorrow and the stress. Sports generate a positive energy in you, around you”.

As earlier stated, sport relieves stress; studies have shown that accumulated stress increases weight gain and when not taken care of migrates into cardiovascular disease (meaning:...
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