Heading towards Failure: MOBILINK Case Study

Pages: 9 (2893 words) Published: June 28, 2009

Mobilink is the biggest cellular company in Pakistan. I have selected mobilink for my assignment because these days its heading towards failure or a downward trend in market by having very competent competitors who are growing very rapidly. here I will discuss about the branding strategies that mobilink has been using over a period of time and what recommendations can I give .it may seem that mobilink as is the market leader will not have any errors but it’s a misconception because its very commonly heard these days that mobilink is about to do amerger with a company of its own level to avoid acquisition. starting with the history .

Mobilink is conveying the message of linking mobile phones. But these days its often said as “may be linked“because of the fact that its connectivity is going down day by day. Although it’s a very nice name but due to its performance the name is getting effected. A URL is very important for a company to be in regular contact with its customers.Showing the new and latest updates every time they visit. And the URL should be registered with different names so that to avoid fake websites eg www.mobilinkgsm.com is the official site of mobilink but if you search for mobilink.com or mobilink.gsm it won’t take you to the official website which is a negative point for mobilink. They should register the website with different spelling for the convenience of its customer.

the logo of mobilink shows combination of two colors indigo and grey . indigo showing the postpaid customers and grey showing the prepaid customers. it represents there ratio too as prepaid customers are more so grey is more found in logo then indigo because postpaid customers are fewer then prepaid ones. There logo gives more emphasis to customers where as it should also have something in regard to its on company like its employees etc. what message does it gives to its employees.

The slogan of mobilink is “reshaping lifes” it gives the impression that mobilink wants to raise the bar for better standards of living. here I would go for another product that is telenor “dejuice” its fun to be young ! this is not a much catchy line then the “jazz” aur sunao!.. use the local language gives mobilink jazz an edge over telenor dejuice . so here telenor should apply a way to communicate with the customers in a manner that they prefer like mobilink.

Mobilink does not have a brand charater where as it should have one it will be innovative in Pakistani cellular companies. Till now no big cellular company has a brand character. The brand character can be an animated CSR helping the customers. And this will again give mobilink an edge over its competitors.


Mobilink is perceived to be much expensive then other connections, common people think that very rich people use mobilink, where as its not so. Therefore it shows a common positioning error. They havnt positioned there product they way they should have:

mobilink is not showing its best feature to its customers in the ads that is there CS relationship and the network in remote areas. Telenor does show its network coverage in rural areas but infact its network isn’t as good as its shown.so mobilink should work on showing its best features in the ads for awareness of the customers.

Mobilink blackberry and postpaid ads shows a lot of ambiguity in them. Either it’s a postpaid ad or a blackberry ad. Then either blackberry is a communicator kind of cell or actually a bar code reader. And is it just used by business class or by common people. Mobilink indigo’s ads always show business class where as it should also cover the student class and common people the way telenor persona is doing. mobilinkjazz has got 4 packages jazz one, jazz budget, jazz octane, jazz ladies first. People never know the new offers launched are for which package. So they...
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