Mobilink Club Red

Topics: Customer service, Marketing, Subscription business model Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: November 4, 2010
Maintaining its leadership successfully in the market though having two international players as competitors, Mobilink, since its launch in 1998, is offering ground-breaking marketing offers and thus had caught the trust of over 30 million people with a market share of 44 percent. Introduction of more mobile brands in the mid-2000 made the Pakistan telecom market more ready for action. Companies started working on the policy of making more customers at the cost of price which ultimately made the market huge and aggressive. Now this changing behavior of companies changed the behavior of their valuable customers and they started switching to other operators repeatedly by having multiple Sims as per their concerned offer. This churn behavior casted a long lasting impact on the revenues and market shares of telecom operators. However, Mobilink focused on retaining their valuable customers by highly successful launch of “Club Red” in 2008. According to Mobilink’s management the revenue data shows that the money made by the new customers was very much less than that made by the old customers. Their success lies in their detailed analysis of subscriber base, use of monetary incentive as a tool, clubbing subscribers and extracting other relevant information of minutes used at services which resulted in the generation of 40 percent of overall revenue by only 5 percent of the prepaid customers deteriorating them as high-value subscribers. To give what customers want Mobilink conducted a huge survey of their customer’s likes and dislikes. The survey showed that customers wanted high satisfaction rates on voice calls and minimum interest in churn and that is what Club Red is all about. Mobilink’s success as one of the major mobile brand in Pakistan lies in their efforts to not to acquire more subscribers but to retain their valuable subscribers by offering them what they actually want.
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