Can Branding Principles Be Applied to Religion

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Can branding principles be applied to religion?
1. Brands are people. People make friends with people when they have things in common, want to spend time together, and find something special in the relationship. Brands make friends with people in exactly the same way. Brand management is about finding a group of people you can identify with, spending time together, & becoming committed to each other. The more time you spend with your customers the better. This is sometimes referred to as share of mind. 2. Branding is about the totality of a customer's experience. Your brand is about everything you do which impinges on the consciousness of the customer and, more importantly, it is about everything s/he thinks you do. Some experiences carry greater weight than others. Some experiences have been forgotten entirely consciously by your customer, but are nevertheless of paramount importance in the way s/he views you. Customers build brands piecemeal. They build a story about you based upon their experience. They see your products in certain shops. They heard one of your people on the radio. Somebody told them about an experience they had with you - actually, they got the name wrong. Your brand logo reminds them of daffodils. Your customer owns your brand - you do not. Your job is to behave as consistently as possible. 3. There are plenty of branding opportunities in any mass market place, so long as you do not try to copy the market leader. Brand marketing is about niche marketing. Different messages will appeal most to different groups of people. Be different. 4. Brands are best communicated implicitly. Let the customer make the connection. You must try to facilitate that experience. 5. The group of people on whom the brand is focused - the customers of the brand - need not necessarily pay you any money directly. 6. Brands last forever, if managed correctly. The most exciting brands to have are icon brands that represent a certain moment in history. Icon brands...
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