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Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality Pages: 3 (811 words) Published: November 10, 2014
Let’s Talk About Sex (2009) is a documentary film directed by James Houston that describes how American attitudes toward teenage sexuality affect teenagers in today’s society. Sex has become a media means and marketing tool to influence people’s buying decisions. The misleading messages about sex in today’s media have confused teenagers with incorrect information and thus led to a sky-high numbers of teenage unintended pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), costing the nation more than 9 billion dollars each year. Yet, it seems to be apparent that educational institutions like schools and churches have not been successful in teaching sex education. The vicious cycle continues to worsen and has resulted in various societal issues. The director has interviewed some families in American and in Netherland, depicting a strong contrast in attitudes toward sexuality among the families. The Netherlanders holds a much more open attitude to human sexuality. The film engages the audience to think about this “forbidden” topic and challenges them to make a difference in protecting the adolescents.

Most of the bias and discrimination toward human sexuality are based from religious perspective that pre-marital sex is sinful and disgraced. In fact, it claims that people should stick to abstinence because it is commonly believed by the majority that sex is dirty and perverted and it is definitely not for adolescents because they are simply not mentally ready for it. Some religious institutions even hold ceremonies such as virginity pledge to prevent teenagers engaging in sexual activities by binding them with religion and morals. Many people in America, especially parents, believe that the one and only solution to adolescence sexuality is to not talk about or not to be open about it. However, it would not stop the adolescents from violating the “taboos” and being curious. According to the film, 70% of American teens have had sexual experiences...
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