Hcs 235 Week 5 Presentation Paper

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Week five Power Point Presentation

University of Phoenix
Delivery of Health Care in the United States
HCS 235

January 30, 2013

Week five Power Point Presentation
Health Care in the United States is a vast industry that has many different types of people involved in the delivery of care. There are stakeholders that affect the daily operations of health care and they are not necessarily in a hospital setting. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, AHRQ, defines a “stakeholder” as persons or groups who have a vested interest in the clinical decision and the evidence that supports that decision ("Effective health care," 2011, p. 1). These stakeholders are making decisions that impact costs, procedures, and the future of their company. Three examples of stakeholders in the health care industry are the board of directors, the executive management team, and lenders and investors. Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are individuals who are elected or appointed to jointly oversee the activity of a company, in this case, a hospital. These individuals are at the top of the overall health care industry. They may or may not have any health care experience. The people on the Board of Directors decide on important choices that are designed to make the hospital prosperous and able to deliver health care to the patients who need the specialties offered by the hospital. Board members approve transactions the health care system needs to expand their facilities, purchase equipment, and how to deliver care to the community. Executive Management Team

The executive management team are individuals who are the highest level of management responsible for the day-to-day managing of the hospital. The decisions the executive management team make are the direct results of the decisions made by the board of directors that have to be implemented into the hospital system. The executive management team consists of the C-level positions within the hospital....
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