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Topics: Morality, Ethics, Immanuel Kant Pages: 5 (1388 words) Published: May 29, 2013
xxCorporate Governance and Ethical Responsibility Research Paper

Samuel Ensah

Prof; Dorothy Silben

Strayer University Springfield, Deleware Campus

Law, Ethics, & Corporate Governance (LEG, 500)

June; 8th 2012

In this research paper I will discuss what Dr. DoRight, of Universal Human Care Hospital will do when he discovers that patients within the hospital have been dying as a result of a variety of illegal procedures by doctors and nurses and negligent supervision and oversight on their part. I will analyze the rights of employees to health and safety in the workplace. I will address the duty of loyalty, and conflicts of interest between internal and external stakeholders. I will also discuss the ethical duties to report illegal procedures, along with the deontology and utilitarianism principles. The Universal Human Care Hospital needs to decide how to handle the situation at the hospital. Duty of Loyalty

The Universal Human Care Hospital has internal and external stakeholders. Some of the internal stakeholders are the patient representatives, the nurses staffing committee, administrative representatives and lawyers. The patient representative investigates and resolves concerns of the patient top leadership as well as staff. They participate in customer service and patient initiatives related to the hospital. The patient representative provides monthly accountability (Duke). The nurses staffing committee are nurses accountable for providing the health and safety of patients in their care. It is in the best interest of patients, and the hospital to ensure there are enough qualified nursing staff to meet the needs of the patient and the hospital (Oregon Nurses Association). The hospital Administrators makes sure the hospital operates efficiently and provides adequate medical care to patients (Career: Hospital Administrator).

The external stakeholders would be pharmaceutical representative, hospital equipment representative, and insurance company. The pharmaceutical representative is going to offer new and innovative drugs along with research. They will research and provide advice and alternatives approaches to the drug field. There is the medical equipment representative; this group of vendors represents the retail of medical equipment. They provide the most updated machinery and cost effectiveness to the hospital paying particular attention to the budget. The insurance representative to insure the hospital has sufficient coverage to protect the interest of the hospital’s liability.

The duty of loyalty of the internal stakeholders is to the hospital and patients. The patient representative is to uphold and act in the best interest of the patient. They are to provide services or direct families to services to best serve the patient. The nurses staffing committee stands and supports the rights of nurses. This group advocates for the right of nurses to ensure they are being treated fairly. The last group of stakeholders is liaison between staff, boards and departments to ensure all internal stakeholders are performing their respective duties to the group they support. The board of directors for Universal Human Care Hospital includes representation of each internal stakeholder and the external stakeholder and most work together to make the best decisions to satisfy all within the hospital. Conflict of Interest

The potential conflicts that may arise between internal and external stakeholders often come up when there has been a wrong doing as described in the assignment. The internal stakeholders are going to do their best top protect the hospital so they may fire the nurses or employees reporting the wrong doings. They could use the employment-at-will doctrine because the person doing the whistle=blowing is putting the doctor or the hospital in a position to loose money. The employment-at-will doctrine allows the...
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