Hcr 210 Interview Data

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Here is the Interview Data Grid...Each person is a color on the grid.  Please state your name and color you will be filling in. Axia College Material
Interview Data Grid
INTERVIEW QUESTION| Small Facility| Medium-sized Facility| Large Facility| 1. Approximately how many patient records does your department or facility handle in a typical day? |   |  |  | |  About 20 patient records a day. |  About 80 patient records per day.|  About 500 patient records per day. | |   |  |  |

|  About 15 per day. | About 4 on average| About 115 on average| 2. Are records in your facility in paper or electronic format? If paper, are they centralized or decentralized?|   |  |  | |  They use electronic format. | They use electric format.| They use electric format.| |   |  |  |

|  They use electronic format.  |  They use electronic.Decentralized| They use both. Open files are decentralized and closed files are centralized.| 3. Does your facility use an alphabetic system or a numeric system? If numeric, is ito  Unit?(Patient number stays the same for all visits.)o  Serial?(New record number is assigned with each visit. Different records for the same person are filed as separate numbers.)o  Serial-unit?(New record number is assigned with each visit but previous records are reassigned to the most recent number.)o  Other?(Please explain.)|       | | | |  They use alphabetic system.    | They use alphabetic system.| They use alphabetic system.| |       |  |  |

|  They use alphabetical system| They use a numerical order. They use a 7 to 8 digit number.| They use a 7 to 8 digit number and the first two letter of the last name.| 4. How are reports organized within a patient’s file? |   |  |  | |  Most recent information is in the front. | Most recent information is at the front. |  Organized by dates.| |   |  |  |

|  Most recent information in the front.| By type, and date, they separate it by type such...
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