Hca 459 Week 4 Assignment

Topics: Management, Conflict, Organizational conflict Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Organizational Conflict
Rizwana Ahmad
HCA 459
Instructor Timothy Pinkerton
December 12, 2011

Organizational Conflict

In any organization conflicts are bound to occur. If handled efficiently and effectively they can serve as a deterrent of repeat behavior, but if left unresolved they can have the potential of doing great harm to the productivity level of the organization. Why conflicts occur, how they affect the individual and the organization, what the manager can do and how proactive strategies can be implemented to reduce conflicts, and the resources employed to aid in handling these issues are all crucial factors to reflect upon in order to facilitate the growth and success of the organization and its employees. Conflicts can occur for several reasons. They can be internal or external. The typical workday in an office environment can be stressful. Sometimes differences can occur when employees feel that the burden of the work is not equally distributed. Undefined and unclear job responsibilities along with the lack of sensitivity of what is going on in the organizations varied departments are usually the culprits of many disagreements amongst co-workers. Workplace conflicts can and do impact productivity. Lack of cooperation between workers could eventually harm the whole practice or organization. What started off with just one or two employees could quickly escalate and unintentionally add more co-workers and drop the productivity level of the entire organization. Employees become less tolerant and less flexible of each other. Oftentimes, group attitudes are formed and finger-pointing begins. Increased bickering can increase the lack of cooperation between individuals, groups, and departments. Unfortunately teams and sides are picked and allies are formed. If these conflicts go unresolved and this lack of cooperation increases between co-workers it will definitely result...

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