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Appendix 1
The hero’s journey – narrative structure
Using point form, complete this table for the text you are working on Describe the hero’s ordinary world Event:
The call to adventure
Is your hero reluctant or enthusiastic? Journey into the world crossing the threshold
test, battles
allies and enemies
does the hero meet a mentor, a damsel, monsters, villians or sidekicks? Event: Character’s downfall
and time out
(Approach to the inner most cave) Supreme ordeal
Plot Climax
The reward and the resurrection
Is the hero transformed by their journey?
How have they changed?
What have they learned? The road home
(sometimes in a story)
Adapted from The Writer’s Journey by Christopher VoglerAppendix 2 Group questions: Shrek
What do you expect to happen in a fairytale?
What character,s do we expect? List them and briefly describe the key players. Establishing the world of Shrek and ‘the call to adventure’ Act One
How does the audience know this is going to be a comedy?
Why do we care about Shrek achieving his goal? What is at stake? What other stories, films or texts are you reminded of as you watch this film? Describe the Ordinary World of Shrek
What TOOLS OF PRODUCTION support your description?
How do the tools of production establish Shrek’s character and highlight his flaws? Shrek and Donkey set out on their journey
Act Two
Why do Shrek and Fiona fall in love?
What is Donkey’s function in the story?
How does this change Shrek and Fiona in terms of what they want out of life? Approaching their destination
Act Three
What moment of the story is Shrek’s greatest failing (i.e the climax of his failing)? How has Shrek changed through his quest?
What are the themes of the film?
What is the social purpose of storytelling?
How is the film Shrek similar and different to a fairy tale? Appendix 3
Close reading of Shrek – Act 3
Film sequence: Shrek and Donkey at the swamp and the wedding at Duloc (11 minutes) Instructions...
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