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    SHREK  Adapted from ​ Shrek​  by William Steig  By Martin Garrett­Currie    Narrator: Once upon a time‚ there was a hideous ogre named Shrek. His mother and father  were both morbidly ugly‚ but shrek was gruesomely uglier than the two of them together. As a  toddler‚ Shrek could already spew fire a full ninety­nine yards and vent smoke from his ears.  Any snake foolish enough to try to bite him miraculously died on the spot.    Narrator: One day‚ Shrek’s parents snarled things over and decided what to do with their son

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  • Shrek

    Is Shrek a conventional fairytale? Analyse how the makers of Shrek use the conventions of a fairytale and comment on the ways the film both typifies and subverts the genreWhat are fairytales? Fairytales are stories with a moral which have been passed down from generation to generation mainly orally. When we consider fairytales we think of; Prince charming‚ damsel in distress‚ evil witch and a happy ending. These so called “fairytales” started off as very gruesome and brutal stories about how children

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  • Shrek Satire Essay

    Shrek Shrek tells the tale of a lonely ogre trying to find his way though life in the forest. Along the way‚ he meets new friends‚ falls in love with a princess‚ fights a prince‚ and learns survival skills‚ all the while learning even more about himself. He realizes exactly what it means to be a good person‚ someone people can trust‚ as well as being comfortable in his own skin. Satire is the use of humour and with a critical attitude‚ irony‚ sarcasm‚ or ridicule for exposing or denouncing the

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  • Shrek the Movie

    Shrek the movie Essay Shrek is a big green ogre who lives alone in the woods. He is feared by all the people in the land of Duloc. When the ruler of Duloc‚ Lord Farquaad commands all the fairy-tale beings to live in the woods‚ Shrek loses his peaceful life in the swamp. He sets out with his new friend Donkey to find Lord Farquaad and convince him to remove all the fairy-tale beings back where there belong. Lord Farquaad

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  • Shrek Analysis

    Shrek was a very ugly ogre and was a monster with no friends. The ogre Shrek lived in a swamp in a forest. One day‚ Shrek and Donkey met. Donkey was a magical donkey‚ donkey could talk. During dinner‚ the creatures of the fairy tales enter the Shrek Swamp and wanted to live in their swamp. Shrek and Donkey needed to walk to the DuLoc‚ the kingdom of Lord Farquad‚ for the Shrek Swamp title. Shrek and Donkey quarreled with Lord Farquad’s knights. Lord Farquad needed to marry a princess‚ Princess Fiona

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  • Fairy Tale and Shrek

    What Features of fairy tales or legends are evident in the movie ‘Shrek’? The animated film ‘Shrek’ is a modern portrayal of a traditional story. It displays most‚ if not all qualities of both legend and fairy-tale. As the opening scene begins with non-diegetic music (audible to audience only) and a magical light shining on a large book with the traditional starting of a fairy tale ‘Once Upon a time’. This opening scene demonstrates one feature of the fairy-tale genre. This can also be seen through

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  • Shrek 2: Movie Review

    experience was Shrek 2. Shrek 2 is a new release animation film. This is a great flick using the new state of the art animation. Shrek is not just a kid’s movie‚ but adults also find it funny. The movie is about an ogre named Shrek‚ who lives in a swamp. Shrek spent his whole life living in sham‚ because he was an ogre‚ and all the other creatures‚ and people felt threatened by him. Shrek meets a donkey played by Eddy Murphy‚ and they become friends. Later in the movie Shrek meets a beautiful

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  • Shrek Parody

    2) Shrek is an ogre whose normal world consisted of brushing his teeth big green teeth with slug juice‚ and eating human eyeballs as a snack. The swamp was his home and he wanted no one to bother him so he kept signs saying ‘keep out’ which indicated that he liked to be alone. One day many fairy tale creatures invade his swamp because of Lord Farquaad. Shrek is forced to visit Lord Farquaad along with a donkey to ask for his swamp back‚ instead of Lord Farquaad simply giving the property back a

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  • Heroes Journey for Shrek

    adventure Shrek meets Donkey‚ who is a trickster mentor. Donkey loves to talk. He teaches Shrek through humor. Crossing the First Threshold The hero crosses the gateway that separates the ordinary world from the special world When he first goes to Farquaad‚ the king orders his men to kill Shrek. Whoever kills him gets a chance to rescue the princess. Shrek kills all the men. Farquaad wants to marry the princess so he’ll be king‚ so he tells Shrek if he can rescue the

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  • Media Review: Shrek

    Amanda Nelson Media Review: Shrek HUMS109-12R Ms. Pamela Schena May 2‚ 2014 I chose to view the movie Shrek which was produced in 2001. Having two small children‚ it is important for me to understand the value of what my husband and I allow them to view. To many‚ Shrek is simply a cartoon about a green ogre and a donkey‚ but Shrek has so much value. This movie can teach us important life lessons if we can open our eyes and see them. The film

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