Hb105: Introductory Physiology - the Action of Enzymes

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HB105: Introductory Physiology
The Action of Enzymes
An enzyme is located in all living cells, and is a complex protein molecules. These protein based molecule act as a catalyst. This is a compound that aids chemical reactions without its own structure and state being changed during the process. Catalysts speed up chemical reactions, changing substrates into specific produce. Without these enzymes life would not exist. Enzymes are fundamental to all living things as they speed up biomechanical reactions in living organisms this would not be possible unless under extreme heat. The body alone is not capable of producing the sufficient temperatures, but the metabolic activities of enzymes are. There are two main types of enzymes these are; digestion and metabolic. There are digestive juices containing many different enzymes, some of these are digestive enzymes the main function of these are to break down food ready for absorption (Quesne 2003). Taylor (1997) suggested that enzymes have a very specific job this was because they all have precise shapes into which the substrate, in this case starch and fats, fits exactly. A large amount of the time the enzymes are larger than the substrates. Lipase can be defined as a group of enzymes that breaks down fats into glycerol and fatty acids to be absorbed into the blood stream. They can be found in the pancreatic juices. Aim

The main aims of this experiment will be to recognize the role of an enzyme and understand the nature of enzyme reactions. The first experiment will be looking at the amylase enzyme reaction on the polysaccharide starch, the second will be the action of the lipase enzyme on fats. Methodology

Experiment 1 – Amylase on starch
In order to conduct the experiment...
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