Harvest: Chicken

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Hints & Cheat Codes
Infinite Money
This trick requires two memory cards, with a game on each . (for a total of 8 blocks!) game 'A' is the one wich will get the money. Game 'B' will just be used to get the money. Get a cow on game 'B' and then save, and trade it to game 'A'. Repeat, reapeat, repeat, then if you want you can sell them on game 'A', so you start with lots of money on your main game. 

Popuri is easy to get to like you, because she actually likes weeds(!) This means you can plase her everyday.

Winter Mining
In Winter, mine a lot in the winter mine, take your basket if you have one. Sell all the Mystrile, waste all the junk, keep all the Orichalcons, and keep 3 Adamantites. Put all the Orichalcons you get in your cabinet, so you can get girls presents later through the year.

Fish forever!
When your at the open day, time stops, so you can fish forever! (well, until either your character or you gets tired.)

Popuri's Egg.
Only use this cheat if you want Popuri to like you.
When Popuri gives you an egg, hatch it as soon as possible, and name it Popuri, this will take your relationship up at least another heart level.

extra money
In your front yard,if you have 100 flowers grown in your field bees will come and make honey you can do these things with the honey sell it,eat it give it to anybody in thegame.

Hint: Easy money:
Note: This trick requires two memory cards and a file which has some type of animal (preferably cows or sheep). Copy the file to memory card two, then play the game on either file. Go to your diary and choose to exchange animals. Have an animal come in from the other memory card. When this is done, sell the animal repeat as many times as needed.

Hint: Save money:
Do not get the fourth and last upgrade for the watering can. The third upgrade reaches the same amount of squares as does the fourth. 

Hint: Always full watering can:
In the Winter, go to the mine on the island in the lake. Dig down until you see a cave on the north wall. Go in and fill your watering can from the pond. After that, your watering can will have unlimited water.

Hint: Quick tool upgrades:
Use your tool until it is 400%. Then mine for a Blue Stone and make sure you have at least 5000G. Take the stone, the 5000G, and the tool wish to upgrade to the blacksmith, and he will upgrade it for you.

Hint: More ore while mining:
The following trick requires the Harvest Basket and the Final Rucksack. Bring the Harvest Basket with you to the mine. Set it down and start mining. You should be able to deposit ore into the Harvest Basket. The basket can get full after a while. Empty it out by facing a bin and pressing Square. When you are tired, just heal at the Hot Spring Pool. This also works well in winter.

Hint: Other seeds:
There are seeds you can plant that are not located at the Supermarket. During any weekday, after 8:00 a.m., go to the Inn (this is also the bar). The peddler will be to the right of the stairs. Talk to him, and he will sell you seeds not available at the Supermarket (Pinneapple, Cabbage, Green Pepper, and assorted flower and fruit).

Hint: Power Berry locations:

Get 1001 medals in horse races. 
Give an egg to the water fall and everyday the Harvest Goddess will appear. One day she will give you the Power Berry.  Win the swim festival. 
In Winter, go to the cave in the lake. Press X to the left of it and you will find it.  In the cave behind the waterfall. 
In the cave in the middle of the lake. 
Buy one from the home shopping channel. 
Fish in the ocean and find one. 
Attempt to chop down the cedar tree. It will ask " Are you really going to chop me down?". Answer "No" and you will get a berry.  Plant lots of flowers and Ann will appear and give you one. 

Hint: Getting the recipes:

Ice Cream: Give egg to Yodel. 
Potato Pancakes: Give bamboo shoot to Gotz. 
Fries: Caught in a bottle when fishing off a pier. 
Mixed Juice: Give a blue medicine...
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