Evaluation of Risk Management Plan - Macville

Topics: Flush toilet, Dual flush toilet, Toilet Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: June 24, 2013
1. Plan
Manager’s travel risk – physical injuries/deaths – initially rated as extreme. Management meetings to finish 3:00pm.
Install teleconferencing.
Management training shift to morning half day sessions.
By-law Compliance risk – reputation loss and fines by council – initially rated as high. Apply for time to ‘make good’.
Policy and procedures to change work practices.
Install water saving devices such as native plants, tank, dual flush toilet systems, and 5 stars (WELS) dishwasher. Banking risk – theft of cash left on premises – initially rated as medium. Insurance on ‘cash on premises’.

Open an account with closest bank.
Policy and procedure requirement to bank daily.

2. Implementation
Manager’s travel risk – physical injury – initially rated as extreme. The weekly management meetings are finishing close to 3:00pm. The assistant management training has been shifted to the mornings allowing the manager to leave before 1:00PM. By-law Compliance risk – reputation/brand loss and fines – initially rated as high. An external audit was completed and presented to the board 6 months after settlement. The board and CEO included a new policy regarding compliance with the Toowoomba by-law on water conservation.

The dual flush toilets are ordered and in stock.
The 5 star rated (WELS) dishwasher was installed.
The application to make-good by Goldsmith Partners on behalf of MacVille, was accepted by the Toowoomba City Council. A water tank had been built in to the courtyard.
There is a weekly water usage monitor in the staff room
Banking risk – theft of cash left on premises - initially rate as medium. The financial controller had taken out $5,000 the insurance cover on cash held on premises overnight from the opening week as planned. The company bank account was opened about 4 weeks after opening at the bank two shops down the street. The training on daily banking has been successfully completed.

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