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Management of Harrods’ is fully devoted to develop its people so that employees and its stakeholders get full satisfaction. There are three major fundamentals of the democratic leadership approach at Harrods which encourage the development of its employees. The elements are given below: Talent spotting: This involves recognizing talented people who can make vital offerings. If someone is totally motivated, he or she will expect to notice the entire enthusiasm for the role. Mentoring and coaching: Mentors and coaches are people who act as advisors and guides, usually to those less experienced than them. Support networks: Managers meet regularly with other managers to share ideas and issues. Managers meet once a month with the Head of Retail to share insights and assess retail plans at both strategic and operational levels. Each of the processes outlined above provides Harrods’ employees, managers and front-line staff, the confidence that they can make a difference and can expect a positive feedback. Though according to me the monitoring and coaching will create the most efficient impact on the employees as well as on the managers. Through monitoring and coaching employees feel free to express their ideas, problems and expectations. Line managers at Harrods are encouraged to communicate targets and advice to employees through face-to-face interactions. This might happen in a very casual way as well like sitting down in the restaurant, or may be in a more formal setting, to agree objectives and to give advice about improvements and new ways of working. Performing as a coach helps the line managers to build up their executive skills, construct associations and strengthen trust. In brief, I believe monitoring and coaching would create the most positive impact.

The key feature of an effective Human Resource Management is having an appropriate leadership style. This creates unwrap and sincere...
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