Harley Davidson: Software Selection Process

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Harley Davidson Motor Company: Enterprise Software Selection (Case analysis) Case description
“This case focuses on a change program and selection of an enterprise software vendor. The decision of which partner to choose to help the company change the way it purchased raised fundamental tensions within the company”. Question 1

Consider Exhibit 10 on page 22 of the case; does it include the factors you consider most important in the selection process? Which factors would you be inclined to weight most heavily? I think Harley Davidson did a very good job selecting the evaluation criteria. From the functional criteria, I consider Receiving, Supply Management and Project Tracking the most important functionalities. The others are mainly supporting and value adding functionalities that should have a lower weight on the evaluation (actual weights suggested on a scorecard on next question). As for the qualitative criteria, taking into account the very specific culture of Harley Davidson and Business Integration Model, which highlighted People, Processes and Technology, I would value most the cultural bindings between the provider and Harley Davidson. The processes involved in the purchasing activity will drastically change and people need to be leaded carefully in this process, to make sure they adapt to the changes. For that reason, the implementation stage and all the training and communication that are involved, will be of crucial importance. Taking that into consideration, I would value most long term relationship potential, training approach, understanding Harley’s requirements, change management methodology (Actual weights suggested on next question). Question 2

Based on the information in the case, which provider would you select (and why)? I will base my decision on the following score cards:
Table 1 – Functional Criteria
Criteria| Provider 1| Provider 2| Provider 3| Weight| | | | Design and foundation| 4| 4| 4| 9,00%| | Range| Score|...
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