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Case study: TiVo  

1. What are TiVo's competitive advantages? Disadvantages?
- Advantages:
TiVo can offer many features that others can't, such as the ability to stream television, photos and music, although Media center PC's offer more features than TiVo. Moreover, TiVo offers many services such as "wish list", "season passes", the capability to provide interactive ads with specific TV programs and the ability to collect fine-grained data on consumer viewing habits. Another advantage is the HMO (Home Media Option) that it provide the remote control the recording and playing of their wished content.

- Disadvantages:
The main disadvantage is the initial cost of purchasing TiVo and a expensive subscription price compared with other competitors. Also, the difficult installation process is another disadvantage.

2. Where does TiVo fit in the home entertainment production chain? TiVo is who provide de software in the home entertainment production chain. Thanks to this software, the costumers can record their favorite programs. Another company, Netflix, is who is in charge for providing broadcast content. Nor it is responsible for the creation of hardware. It is just responsible for creating the interface that the end customer uses, and it analyzes the content viewing statistics.

3. Given the three options offered at the end of the case which one has been chosen and why? Looking for more information about TiVo, it seems TiVo have changed its business model. At first it was just based on DVR Marketplace, but nowadays, it has made new agreements related to advertising and content. So, they can offer a wide content variety through their modest software. Moreover, TiVo decided to expand the market because it was a really good opportunity to launch a new entertainment product outside U.S., such as Spain.

4. TiVo is being marketed by ONO in Spain: what competitive advantages did TiVo and ONO get from this cooperation in Spain? In Spain, ONO launched...
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