Hardness Testing and Elastic/Plastic Deformation of Cantilever Beam

Pages: 3 (803 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Hardness Testing and Elastic/Plastic Deformation of Cantilever Beam

February 9, 2012

This experiment examined the effect of a load placed on the end of a cantilever beam as well as the hardness of three different metals using the QV-700 Universal Hardness Tester.

The overall purpose of this experiment is to become more familiar with experimental processes which will be used continuously throughout the semester. The first process was indentation hardness testing. This was done to find the plastic deformation of three different materials using a QV-700 Universal Hardness Tester. The second process was bend beam testing. This test was performed to determine and compare the Modulus of Elasticity, Yield Strength and Yield Strain on four different materials using a cantilever beam and vernier calipers. Background

-Plastic Deformation-
When a material is permanently deformed after a force is applied then removed. -Modulus of Elasticity-
Describes the materials properties to be deformed elastically/non-permanently. This is the slope of the stress-strain curve in the elastic region. -Yield Strength-
The level of stress at which material begins to permanently deform. Equipment
Uses the Rockwell mode and for this particular experiment used a diamond 120 degree cone-shaped Brale indenter. User can select from a limited range of forces to be applied on material due to using a Brale indentor. After a force is applied, the indention size is measured, which indicates that particular material's plastic deformation.

Methods and Materials
QV-700 Universal Hardness Tester
110 Copper Rods
6061-T6 Aluminum Rods
1018 Steel Rods
Fiberglass Rod
Assorted Metal Balls (2.04g & 8.33g)
Plastic Cup

Experimental Procedure
Each rod was tested the same way on the cantilever setup. First the Fiberglass rod was placed in the cantilever device and was tightened down securely. A nut connected...
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