Hard Working Mother!

Topics: Chef, Cooking, Culinary art Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: October 24, 2010
Having a dream since I was 9 years old does not really give anyone room to take it down, although many have tried. My father’s dream was to open his own restaurant and be the head chef there. He was sent to heaven when I was 9 and since then that is all I have thought about. Watching many TV shows, movies and usually sitting on the kitchen counter when mom was cooking, I have learned and taught myself how to cook. I am slowly learning to bake. It is proving to be harder than breakfast, lunch and dinner. It seems every time I tell someone I am going to school to own my restaurant they never have anything positive to say. Even if they have never worked in or owned a restaurant. I think I got lucky because this paper is due when I happen to be visiting my parents who live near one of the best family restaurants I have ever been to. My step-dad has lived in Everett, WA his whole life and for the last four years we have always made a point to go to the Totem restaurant. I made a phone call in hopes to interview the owner but was told he was hard to get a hold of. As my heart sank a little I was then asked if I would like to speak with the original owner. I was so very excited! He and his wife decided to buy the restaurant in January of 1953. Having never cooked or owned a restaurant. For 57 years it stands tall and is one of the busiest and best places to eat in town. After speaking with him for only 15 minutes I had all of the information I needed. He told me to make sure to have the best help, because having good help, training your employees the right way and keeping your place clean is what is going to keep your restaurant open and busy. I have always said I want to not only own the restaurant but b the head chef as well. After speaking with the owner I have learned that your cook is the most expensive part of your restaurant. If your cook can’t cook you have nothing worth coming to the restaurant for. You must keep track of your food and labor costs. He also...
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