Handwashing: Paper Towel and Rationale

Topics: Paper towel, Towel, Hygiene Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: September 28, 2008
Sink w/ running waterLiquid soapTrash canHand lotion
Disposable paper towels

Assessment (Data Collection)
Step 1 Action Determine length of time needed for handwashing according to task at hand or degree of spoilage.
Rationale The longer the washing, the more microorganisms are removed

Step 2 Action Check that the soap and towels are at hand before beginning.
Rationale Saves time
Step 3 Action Crank out towels from dispenser so they are ready to tear off when needed before beginning if the towels are on a roll. Push wristwatch up the arm. Rationale Prevents contamination of clean, wet hands by touching crank after washing. Two to four towels are necessary. Pushing the wristwatch up the arm protects the watch.

Step 4 Action Turn on water and adjust to a comfortable temp. w/medium force. Keep body away from sink Rationale Warm, continuously running water aids the removal of organisms. Medium force should be used because splashing can cause contamination. Leaning against the sink may contaminate your clothes. Step 5 Action Wet your hands w/ water, pointing your fingers towards the bottom of the sink. Rationale Water will drain form the wrists to the fingertips, carrying organisms away. Step 6 Action Apply a small amount of liquid soap (2-4 mL). If bar soap must be used, hold it in the palm during the entire procedure and rinse it well before returning it to the dish. Rationale The bar or soap must be held because, if it drops during handwashing, it is considered contaminated. Pick it up, rinse it and begin the handwashing from the beginning. Step 7 Action Wash hands

a.Action Use 10 circular strokes for the palms while applying friction Rationale Friction helps work up a lather and removed organisms b.Action Wash the back of each hand with 10 circular motions Rationale Vigorous rubbing removes organisms. Ten strokes should dislodge the organisms c.Action Wash the fingers w/10 circular motions; rub the...
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