Heat: Temperature and Water

Topics: Temperature, Heat, Insulator Pages: 4 (988 words) Published: November 3, 2013
Heat and Energy Transfer Lab
Materials needed:
Part 1:
bowls (not included in the lab kit; use cooking pots or plastic containers- something large enough to fit your hand) ice (not included in the lab kit)
Part 2
test tubes – use three similar glasses or cups
various household materials for insulation
stove or microwave to heat up water

Part 1: Heat transfer and human sensation

1. Pour warm water in the bowl on the left, cold water in the bowl on the right, and room temperature water in the bowl in the middle. Room temperature water should be around 20-22°C.

2. Put your left hand in the warm water bowl and your right hand in the cold water bowl. Leave them in those bowls for one minute. How do your hands feel? _Both hands are burning alittle bit._________________________________

3. Take your hands out and immediately place both hands in the center bowl.

4. How do your hands feel? Describe completely.
My hands are no longer burning and they are feeling back to normal no more numbness.

5. Use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the water in each bowl. Write your measurements below.
Hot: 50 C__________Cold:__10 C______Room Temp.__24 C____________

6. Try to come up with an explanation for any differences between reality and what you “feel”. Write it here.
If though the water on the right was cold it still burned to place my hand in the bowl.

7. Explain why scientists use instruments like thermometers to report measurements rather than relying on descriptions based on their senses.
Scientists need a accurate measurement that everyone can relate to.

Part 2: Insulators
1. Look at the materials in your house and think which ones might make good insulators. Predict what you think would be the best way to keep hot things hot! This experiment gives you an opportunity to test your predictions! Write your prediction below, along with an explanation of why these materials might make the best...
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