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Critical and Contemporary Issues in International Hospitality

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Lecturer : Ken Chua
Contents Page 1
List of Figures 2
1.0 Introduction 3
2.0 Literature Review4-6
2.1 Consumer Behaviour and Consumer Decision Making4
2.2 Market Segmentation 5-6
3.0 Corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Hilton Hotel7-8 3.1 CSR Programs 7
3.2 CSR Initiatives 8
4.0 Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty9-13
5.0 Strategic Responses to Changing Trend 14-16
5.1 Organisational Structures 14-15
5.2 Strategy Clock 15-16
6.0 Conclusion 17
References 18-21
Appendix 22

List of Figures
Figure1.0: Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour 4 Figure 2.0: Market Segmentation 5 Figure 3.0: Strategic Partnerships 7 Figure 4.0: Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty 9 Figure 5.0: The Price of Five Star Hotel Restaurants’ Buffet 11-12 Figure 6.0: Customer Satisfaction 13 Figure 7.0: Organisational Structures of Hilton Hotel 14 Figure 8.0: Bowman’s Strategy Clock 15

Appendix 1.0: New Menu 22 Appendix 2.0: Mood Board 23

1.0 Introduction
This module aims to analyse the role of critical and contemporary issues for International Hospitality Management in the context of modern society. The researcher choose Checkers Brasserie Restaurant at Hilton Hotel Singapore to analyse. The researcher will address critical and contemporary issues for Brasserie Restaurant at Hilton Hotel Singapore, such as changes in gastronomy and their effect on food and beverage offerings, taste and design of accommodation sectors, the role of alcohol in providing the wider hospitality product, the provision of hospitality to support major sporting events or festivals, and defines ‘hospitality’ within different global contexts of culture and contemporary consumer behaviour. Hilton hotels and resorts is fashionable, forward thinking global leader of hospitality. Has more than 92 years of experience, the Hilton has always been synonymous with the hotel, because their product innovation methods, facilities and services. They help make it easier for travel with them clever design, restaurant concept of innovation, the real hospitality and commitment to the international community (Hilton Hotel & Resort, 2014).

2.0 Literature Review
2.1 Consumer Behaviour and Consumer Decision Making
Consumer decision making has long been of interest to researchers. Early economists began about 300 years ago, by Nicholas Bernoulli John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern began to check the basis of consumer decision making (Richarme, 2007). This early work closer to the theme from the economic point of view, and centralized purchase behaviour. From this perspective, "Utility Theory" is one of the most common model which suggest the consumers to make a choice based on their decision expected results. Consumers are regarded as rational decision makers who are only care about their own interests (Schiffman & Kanuk 2007). Consumer behaviour is research process involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use or disposal of products, services, ideas, or experience to meet the needs and desires (Solomon Bamossy, 2006). Figure 1.0: Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour

Source: Kharagpur (2012).
The above model clearly described that factors influencing...

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