Ham Week 1 Program Planning and Grant Proposals

Topics: Evaluation, Domestic violence, Qualitative research Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: October 2, 2010
Program Planning and Grant Writing 1

Peace Domestic Violence Agency

Program Planning and Grant Writing

HSM 270

Program Planning and Grant Writing 2
The Peace Domestic Violence Agency program planning and evaluation paper being presented shows the a comparative analysis of the processes involved and how these two components relate within the human service organization, PEACE. This paper will explore how technical and political factors affects these two processes.

A program evaluation is fastidiously compile data about a program to make essential adjustments for the program to be successful. This evaluation process can include various vital activities to decide the factors, which are crucial for attaining success that includes needs assessments, effectiveness study, goal-based analysis, and cost analyses, etc. The different analysis are designed to collect and comprehend the data concerning the program. Program evaluation reports are used by a variety of organizations such as social groups, core teams, and grant organizations, to name a few. The benefits of this evaluation: Confirmation regarding the impact that the services have had on the customers. Improving the delivery to make it more cost-effective and sturdy. Analyzing what is presently being done to what needs to be changed. Assist in the progress of the management's thought process and their ability to make correct decision. Program evaluations are connected to the collection of information needed to help management in its decision-making. Some of the issues; decreased funding, complaints, slow delivery service are what management are often faced with; hence the evaluation process must be completely thorough. When it is done meticulously the reaction time of management will be curtailed allowing for the cost effectiveness to increase. When collecting data there are numerous methods that are used for these evaluations: questionnaires, surveys, interviews,...

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