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Preventing Hair Breakage
Women worldwide have been constantly searching for answers on how they can prevent their hair from breaking so that it remains healthy. They tend to use a variety of chemicals and hair weaves without taking into consideration the importance of maintaining their own hair. Bad hair care leads to hair damage and with hair damage it leads to hair breakage. All females should be aware of the strategies that can be used to maintain healthy hair.

A lot of people do confuse breakage with shedding. According to American hair stylist, Rachel, she states in her online video, “They are two totally different things. When it comes to shedding, the hair strand comes directly from the root and is identified by a tiny white bulb at either end where as breakage is more of split ends which normally starts from the end towards the mid shaft.”

In the process of preventing hair breakage, hair stylist and freelance writer, Del Sandeen states on an online article that, “Done right, a trim removes the dead ends.” This way, you won’t allow the split ends to get out of control and travel up the hair shaft. It is important to always wrap your hair at night time, hair stylist Rachel suggests, “To use a satin scarf and try to wrap in a different direction at least every other week. Reason being that one side of your hair doesn’t become thinner or shorter than the other possibly causing hair breakage.” Reduce the heat! As much as we females love to add curls to our hair, Rachel also states that, “Make sure you reduce

the heat on your curling irons because that will help to nurse your hair back from being overly damaged from breakage.”
Another important strategy prior to preventing breakage is adding a weekly protein strengthening treatment and moisturizing it. Del Sandeen states, “Natural oils such as coconut oil and almond oil when heated and used moisturize the hair and provide the hair with essential nutrients like vitamin E.” This helps with...
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