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Assignment 309 hair extensions

Task A

factors that need to be considered when carrying out hair extension service: traction alopecia – this needs to be considered when carrying out a hair extension service as you will not be able to put extensions on the area as the hair is week and will snap off damaging the hair. Life style – the clients lifestyle will be a big factor weather they can look after hair extensions correctly and if they have the time to style their extensions on a daily basis to blend with their hair. A client with young children or a busy job may not be able to do this. Pregnancy – if the client is pregnant or recently gave birth their hair is weaker then normal and hair extensions can cause the hair to snap off causing breakage. Not only will having extensions put in ruin their hair but it will also cause the extensions to fall out breaking off. Hair length – the clients hair length will determine if they can have extensions or not. Some people may have very short hair cut to the nape of their neck. This style/length would not be suitable for extensions as it would not be blended correctly and people would be able to tell the client has extensions in. quantity of hair added – this needs to be considered depending on the clients hair thickness. If the client has thick hair then more extensions need to be placed in the hair. If the client has thin hair then they wont need as many extensions in as a client with thick hair would. Also a client with thick hair may need double wefted extensions put in where as a client with thin hair may not. Medication – if the client is on medication such as their going through chemotherapy hair extensions would not be advisable as their hair is very vulnerable and putting extensions in will cause the hair to snap off and break.

Task B

Possible causes
Remedial action
The client may have a sensitive scalp. The plats may be too tight. To cure this we simply have to...
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