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1.Introduction to Zhang Rui Min2

1.1.Personality Traits2
1.2.Capabilities, Experience and Expertise2

2.Strategies Adopted and Legacies Created by Zhang Rui Min2

3.Leadership Style3

4.Challenges Ahead for Zhang Rui Min3


Appendix A: OEC Evaluation Worksheet4
Appendix B: Possible Gender Issues5


1. Introduction to Zhang Rui Min
Zhang Rui Min (Zhang) is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Haier Group.  Under his leadership, revenues at Haier had surpassed $12 billion with over 30,000 employees and he is recognized as one of the “50 most respected business leaders in the world.”

2.1. Personality Traits
Despite having abbreviated education, Zhang has a voracious appetite for learning. His unwavering will enabled him to stay committed to Haier’s and his personal goals. Moreover, being forward looking, he sets goals and vision for the future instead of following what competitors do. Lastly, he is conscientious and possesses a down-to-earth personality whereby he makes an extra effort to understand customers’ needs and wants. His enterprising mindset and determination to succeed has enabled him to stay firm to his ideas and bring Haier to what it is today. 2.2. Capabilities, Experience and Expertise

Zhang is capable in putting his management practice to good use. From OEC Management strategy, stressing the importance of “finishing today’s work before its end” to the “market chain” management having everyone facing the market, Zhang’s continuous innovation in the management field has courted attention and good appraisals from the world’s executive. Besides, Zhang is also capable of making strategic decisions and innovations in conformity with trends at times, allowing Haier to gain a comparative advantage over other home appliances enterprises.

2. Strategies Adopted and Legacies Created by Zhang Rui Min Zhang was proactive in seeking out new markets. Besides, he emphasizes on employees’ motivation that arouse and direct goal-directed behavior. Thus, Haier has transformed to become an efficient and innovative company where employees take ownership of their work. Innovation is part of their DNA as they constantly make breakthrough to fulfill customers’ ever-changing needs. A win-win culture is inculcated within, where sustainable growth is emphasized, so as to create value for all its stakeholders. These core values are ingrained in employees and define Haier’s unique culture.

3. Leadership Style
Zhang’s adopts a flexible leadership style, adapting to changing situations and goals. He started off with transactional leadership when he took over in 1984. He was then task oriented and authoritative. Thereafter, he adopts the transformational leadership to drive across his vision and message, convincingly influencing his employees. In addition, he adopts participative management to encourage inputs from employees and motivates them to perform. Lastly, he was adept with employee management and motivation, targeting various levels of their needs and fulfilling their potential.

4. Challenges Ahead for Zhang Rui Min
Internally, Zhang needs to continue allowing employees to realize both their own values and that of the enterprise. There might also be gender issues if a female leader succeeds over Zhang. Externally, Zhang has to ensure Haier keeps up with the changing demands of consumers to maintain a competitive edge. Particularly, with greater emphasis on after-sales service, Haier has to continue to transform from a mere manufacturing company into an integrated manufacturing, sales and services enterprise. He will have to continually meet the challenges of the ever-changing economic situations, and strengthen Haier’s brand name around the globe.

5. Conclusion
In conclusion, Zhang adopted various flexible leadership styles and management approaches to effectively turnaround...

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