Global Leader

Topics: Leadership, Ethical leadership, Management Pages: 5 (1671 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Assignment Title: Global Leader Paper
Date: 9/29/12

1. Biography & Impact
When it comes to talk about the most charming and great leader in my mind, I would like to introduce Yang Lan, one of the most successful businesswomen in China. As we all know, Yang Lan is the president of Sun Television Cybernetworks, and she is also a famous talk show hostess in China, in addition, she is co-owner with the famous singer Celine Dion of LAN Fine Jewellery which sells the luxury jewelry that made in China. In 1999, Yang Lan was voted as one of the twenty social and cultural leaders by “Asian Weeks” which proves her great success in business field. Moreover, Sun Television Cyberneworks has been twice priced of the best small enterprise by <Forbes> in 2000 and 2001. Recently Yang Lan has become the 20th richest women with 7 billion Yuan worth in the “Hu Run Female Networth”, which provide evidence of her leadership capability. Successful people always bring a huge influence to the social society no matter to someone individual or a whole community. There is no doubt that Yang Lan has been bringing constantly influence to her employees, customers, and the community. For her employees, Yang Lan always get high committed with all employees, and help them to increase engagement in the company. For example, because of the high percentage of 60% female in Sun Television Cybernetworks, Yang has tried to establish a good relationship with another enterprise which includes most male employees, so that to help her employees have more opportunities to find love. From my perspective, this is an efficient way to help employees to build sense of belongs, and feel in-group with their president. For her customers, Yang Lan always does a customer-oriented business, and put priority of customers’ needs and favor. For example, Yang Lan One-on-One is a signature TV talk show which focuses on getting to know leading figures from the fields of international politics, business, society and culture, which is one of the most popular TV show in China. For the community, Yang Lan is a philanthropist. Yang Lan has donated 51% contributions of Sun Media Investment Group to the society, and to establish a non-profit organization of Sun Culture Foundation, which focuses on environmental construction. In addition, since 2003, Yang was the Chinese 10th and 11th CPPCC national committee members, who always present citizens’ ideas and suggestions to the National People’s Congress.

2. Leadership Style & Base of Power
There is a very famous philosophy that Yang Lan think is her business relief: When you want to do business, you have to build your reputation. As she mentioned, she has been creating a good reputation around the social community, and most people think she is a great businessman model in their mind. Furthermore, Yang has blends deep personal humility with intense professional will, so that I regard her as a level 5 leader. As we all know, Yang Lan holds a master degree from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, and she is now a member of the Columbia University International Advisory Council, her professional knowledge and experience is the best evidence which illustrates that Yang is a wisdom business woman model which satisfied with social public and her employees as well. For leadership style, we have learned that there are four styles: Directing Style, Coaching Style, Supporting Style, and Delegating Style. In my opinion, I think Yang is the leader who is delegating style, because she has low supportive and low directive, but high competence and high commitment. As we all know, Yang always know what she wants to do, and she always pay attention to the social development. Not only she is the president of Sun Foundation, she is also the Chinese blood donated spokesperson. She has constantly making contribution to the society. For base of power, there are five different styles: Referent, Expert,...
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