Haagen Daz Case Study

Topics: Ice cream, Marketing, Ice cream parlor Pages: 4 (1475 words) Published: October 16, 2008
1. Why does a consumer buy an Ice Cream?

Consumers do not perceive ice cream has regular part of their diet; ice cream is bought as a treat, a “reward”, either to a child, the family or to oneself. Generally a consumer does not think before buying an ice cream, it is generally bought as an impulse buy. There is a great emotional involvement and a very small objective evaluation of the problem at hand. The consumer chooses to buy and them fell the product (in this case taste) and then evaluate his decision. This type of behavior involved in buying ice cream allows brands to exploit the emotional factor as a trigger of the purchase; Haagen Dazs is exclusive and sophisticated, Vianeta is posh, Calipo is fresh Super Maxy is cool, none of these are objective characteristics of the product, they are just emotions the brands chose to associate with their product, and these are the triggers that when consumers are in the right emotional set of mind will make them buy that ice cream over another.

2. Evaluating the Haagen Dazs marketing plan. Does it look consistent?

Haagen Dazs (HD) defines its own brand identity as “100% genuine, sensual, sophisticated adult treat”. Trough a very consistent marketing plant HD was able to convey this message the consumers, so that their image of HD is that of a high quality and expensive ice cream that is to be eaten and appreciated as a personal treat, an affordable luxury.

HD was a large ice cream manufacturer from the USA that had started out in the 1960’s as a small business of a Polish immigrant, Reuben Mattus, that sold ice cream to stores on the Bronx. Mr. Mattus realized that at the time in order to be competitive in their pricing ice cream manufacturers where cutting down on the quality, so ice cream had became just cold and sweet. Realizing this he chose to position himself on the opposite side of the market, with a high quality expensive ice cream. From there HD sales progressed, so that in the early 1990’s it was...
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