Ha Jin Saboteur Analysis

Topics: Fiction, Literary criticism, Character Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Phillip Lyssy
English 1302
Professor Cuyler
5 April, 2013
Literary Analysis
One choice the author makes in regards to characterization is the fact that the components of characterization such as the protagonist, the conflict in the story, and how the character’s personalities are portrayed are quite simple to understand in his writing. He chooses so to help the reader better understand the story and situation through clear statements about the characters and in the characters’ dialogue. “"Comrade policeman, your duty is to keep order, but you purposely tortured us common citizens. Why violate the law you are supposed to enforce?"“ He chose to illustrate the whole story this way in giving easy insight into the each character just enough to describe them. “"Do what?" the stout man asked huskily, glaring at Mr. Chiu while the young fellow was whistling. “ Another choice the author makes to emphasize this theme is that he gives many opportunities in Mr. Chiu’s way to retaliate and take revenge or lash out. Through his thoughts the reader can see that it is the main lesson in the story to not retaliate even though the situation may not be fair and is harmful. This happens to also back the literary device characterization because the conflict and the trials Mr. Chiu goes through happens often and easily lets the reader know what he learns. In addition, a third aspect that is interesting to note about the way the author uses characterization is that he mainly does so through the characters’ personalities and their words instead of through physical attributes. Further highlighting the theme of “Vengeance is Gods” is the way the author uses characterization to describe how Mr. Chiu got into the situation of being arrested. It was so vaguely described because the author didn’t agree with their claims that he was a saboteur by his lectures. V.The most emphatic evidence that supports this theme is that Mr. Chiu holds a grudge at the end of the story and wants to take...
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