Gun Control Paper

Topics: Gun politics in the United States, Firearm, Concealed carry in the United States Pages: 3 (1134 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Guns Do Not Kill People; People Kill People
Gun control is a very large problem going on in the United States today. All guns have the potential to be dangerous and should be used with precautions, as well as the right safety regulations. Guns can be hazardous and tragic accidents can happen, like the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut, but only if they are in the hands of the wrong person. Guns are not only used every day for protection, such as law enforcement like the military and the police, but guns are also used for recreational activities such as hunting. The second amendment states that we have the right to bear arms, which also means we have the right to own a gun to protect ourselves and our families not only from criminals, but also from the government. So therefore the prohibition of guns or stricter laws on gun control is unconstitutional and not morally correct. I believe gun control in the United States should not necessarily be eliminated, but reduced greatly.

The Second Amendment protected every citizen’s right to bear arms, which should never be infringed upon. “The 2nd Amendment was ratified specifically so that Americans could defend themselves in such a manner, hence why it says, ‘The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.’ Banning so-called ‘assault weapons’ is an infringement of our constitutional right to own guns. If assault weapons are banned, than Americans will be left defenseless.” (Poole). Leaving the citizens of the United States defenseless is not only unconstitutional but also morally wrong. It would be extremely unfair for the government to take our guns away because they believe it causes more crimes when in fact there are studies that prove that more guns equals less crimes.

Reading a few articles on gun control I have found that studies have shown that criminals that know who owns guns have stopped them from committing there crimes. This brings up the right to carry concealed weapons to...
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