Guideline to Define Ethical Persuasion

Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: October 28, 2013
Public relations uses ethical persuasion in every aspect in their career choices, they intend to meet the company’s needs regardless of the public’s opinion in some occasions. Persuasion s defined as the methods used to influence attitudes, raise awareness, educate or influence behaviours. Whereas ethics is not concerned with increased profits rather with what someone is ought to do or ought not to do. Ethical persuasion is neither deception nor propaganda, It has to do with the influence in communication that respects the believes of the public by representing truthful and relevant information. Therefore it helps them to make voluntary, informed and reflective choices. Sharry Baker and David Martinson proposed five TARES to test help the guideline to define ethical persuasion. Truthfulness of the message – Commitment to honesty with the public Authenticity of the persuader

Respect for the audience- respect publics rights
Equality for the persuasive appeal- Fairness not manipulation Social responsibility for the common good
On the other hand unethical persuasion provided by Tom (1994) can be defined as. Exaggeration you’re Demands – Normally when making more demands on an individual or a company may cause less assistance. For example if a manager needs a report to be done on the weekend rather than on a Monday which will cause no harm, it may hurt the internal relationship and cause the employees to be less willing to assist you. Concealing true Intentions- To find the solution by following truthfulness instead of lying. When being honest with others it will help in the long run and they will perceive you as unethical. Providing false information- when provided with wrong information it can damage the long term relationship established with the publics. The reputation might diminish and people will start to see they were being fooled with which will affect productivity and support. The best thing is to share the truth even if it is harmful since it will...
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