Growth of Sony in Malaysia

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The growth of Sony in Malaysia has been leaps and bounds over the past 30 years. From being merely a sales company, Sony now expanded their business horizon to marketing, manufacturing, engineering as well as entertainment industry in movie and music distribution. Aiming to be the No. 1 Preferred Brand in Malaysia, Sony (Malaysia) SdnBhd established on 21st January 1998 from Setron Electronics (Malaysia) SdnBhd which was established far way back in 30 October 1973. Sony currently has 2 direct stores known as Sony Store which are located at Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur and The Curve, Selangor. The Sony Store offers a closer communication channel with customers through its innovative products, solutions and services. (Sony Malaysia, 2013).

SONY EMCS (Malaysia) SdnBhd

The company for this case study was established in 1988. The company now situated in Prai, Penang, and specialized in manufacturing Audio Products. The company is a key manufacturing plant in South-East Asia producing audio and hi-fi products to meet global demands. About 7000 peoples are currently working in this company.

As an explorer, it opens up its own path of progress. Since its inception, very few have been able to match its track record for invention and innovation. The company was growth with the founder’s idea in 1988 of 'global localization' in 1988. He said, "In this day and age, many companies are pursuing globalization, but instead, we should move ahead with a policy of global localization, meaning that we set down roots and truly become an integrated member of the local community."

Product Milestone

Figure 4 : Product Milestone of Sony Home Audio Products

The company focussed on producing Audio Products. The first type G tape recorder was invented in 1950, followed by H-1, the first consumer use tape recorder. The product milestone of these Audio Products are as in (Figure 4). In 2011, the company produced the world’s first 9.1ch playback-compatible 7-channel integrated amplifier equipped with ‘Sound Optimizer’ correction technology, model TA-DA5700ES. Addition to that the company has unveiled their home audio product line in April 25, 2013 highlighting STR-DN1040 Audio/Video Receiver and the HT-CT660 Soundbar. (Sony Corporation of America, 2013) Production

Production approach

Figure 5: Sony Production Line

Sony EMCS is producing audio products such as amplifier, players, recorder and etc. Those products involve in innovation and quality and hence, the competitive priority of Sony actually is quality and flexibility. When compete in such quality and flexibility in term of products. SONY production line is a single products line but it can produce various innovation products despite the change of the product design. Their products are reaching customization due to innovation. Once talking about innovation, last but not less is the R&D and design of the products as well. Sony EMCS currently looking for ways to improve its products, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Due to increasing pressure from global working environments, fierce competition and shorter time to market, the company utilizes effective approach to increase the quality of product: “Design for Manufacturing (D4M)” approach.

Figure 6 : Design for manufacturing (D4M)

Design for Manufacturing (D4M) is designing products for easy manufacturing a product, part or assembly. Firstly R&D team will design a model and send it to each manufacturing process department for review. Then R&D team needs to gather the review back from manufacturing plant for next action. R&D member have to act by their own using the reviews from manufacturing plant for improvement in next design event. During design period, R&D members improve production process, quality, cost and delivery. Lack of knowledge about...

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