Growing Up in a Small Town

Topics: Family, Mother, Sibling Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: October 9, 2010
Unit1 IP: The Narrative Essay
Marilyn Tubbs
Instructor: Shana Koh

My experience growing up in a small town was the fact that we all were safe in our elite community. What I enjoy most was running outside in the rain a small the dust from our unpaved roads, and playing hop scotch. We loved to play our games; such as: softball, red rover, Simon says, and a lot others. Walking the streets you could smell the different aromas of food cooking from each house. One of my favorite meals was moms’ fried chicken, homemade biscuits and baked apples.

Living close to my family and friends was another thing I enjoyed. We all lived in walking distance of each other. No one had to travel miles away on holidays to visit their families. Most of our meals came from foods our parents grew in the garden. My favorite thing to plant was potatoes; I liked to eat them like apples. Parents were stricter on their children back then, and the children had more respect for them or you would get a paddling. Parents hardly discipline their kids now.

I remember when my best friends’ granddad would gather all of us together and take us to the creek to swim; although he charged each one a quarter to ride. We didn’t care we just wanted to go swimming. He also use to take us for hay rides on Halloween. It may seem as though we lived out of the gasps of civilization, we lived close to town, just in walking distance from everything.

I was the sixth of seven children; I have four brothers and two sisters, of one who is now deceased. When, I was in the fifth grade they closed our small community school and we were bused to the city schools. We were them introduced to another phase of civilization. We then made new friends with whom we became very close to. Now looking back, I miss the bond that we all shared. Our family was so Hugh that our family reunions were held outside under a tent or at the old fairgrounds.

Some people had moved away and had families...
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