Growing Up

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Speech Essay
Topic: Growing Up

While our mums and dads are busy trying to look young again and regain that youthful glow, we teenagers are trying hard to do the exact opposite. What the adults are trying to get back, we are carelessly throwing away. We put on make-up, go to parties, smoke and drink; we do all this because it’s what grown-ups do and the way we see it, at 16, we already are. But we’re not. We’re almost adults, but not yet. We are stuck in the middle, and yet, we constantly try to prove that we are no longer children and that we have already grown up. The feeling of being incompetent, the need for more freedom and the pressure to do well; these are the origin of our desire to grow up. But are these reasons significant enough to want to quickly abandon our childhood and become adults? Are we not growing up too fast? Remember when we were young and we couldn’t wait till we were grown up? We wanted to put on make-up like how we watched our mums do and dress-up in beautiful clothes to look pretty. We spent our childhood dreaming of what we could do when we grow up that now that we’re almost completely there; we’re stuck because we don’t know what we actually want to do. Back when we were still children, we knew what we wanted to do when we grew up; it was much easier because when we were still children, what we wanted to do when we grew up was to put on make-up, wear jewelleries and go to parties, just like how the adults did. But now, we can’t make up our mind on what to do because now, we understand that there is so much more that we need to consider. We’ve been so captivated with the idea of being a grown up ever since childhood that we painted this perfect little picture in our head of what it’ll be like when we do eventually grow up that now that we’re on our way to adulthood, we’re overwhelmed by how much responsibilities it actually takes. We’re just now finding out that being ‘grown up’ isn’t as fun as the idea of growing up. At the...
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