Are Children Growing Up Too fast

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A multiplicity of literature is available through recent researches which suggest that the current generation of teenagers is very different from children their ages in the past, given new manifestations in their behaviors when compared with their previous generations. Is this true or not? A compelling argument will be made by this Author to show that in his perception that children are growing up too fast. THESIS STATEMENT

An examination of trends in current teenage behavior; in order to prove that children are growing up too fast. II.SECTION 2
Hymowitz (1998) discussed his experiences of a daughter who in his generalised assessment “morphed from child to teenager” (p. 212). This theme resonated throughout his writings in the article “Tweens: Ten gong on Sixteen”. In one particular instance, Hymowitz (1998) cited statements attributed to Henry Trevor, a school director who stated “there is no such thing as preadolescence anymore, kids are teenagers at ten”. (p.212).

I support the thesis statement of early development of the current teenage generation, given the preponderance of literature which supports such thinking. For example, research by the Sunday Sun (2011) established that children were growing up too quickly due to a combination of factors such as “combination of early testing in school, advertising, bad childcare, and a reliance on computer games and television” (p.1). In another research by Hughes (2009) she supported discussions by Hymowitz (1998) and the Sunday Sun (2011) on the noted changes in behavioral patterns of current teenagers as opposed to their predecessors.

Further, bestselling author Dame Jacqueline Wilson ( 2008) writing for the Birmingham Post in a poll found that “more than half of parents believe childhood is now over by 11” ( p.1), a view which endorses my contention that children are growing up much faster than their predecessors...

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