The Rise and Fall of the American Teenager

Topics: Adolescence, Young adult, Educational psychology Pages: 4 (1428 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Jensen Martinez
Professor Tracy Davis
History 118
2 November 2012
Book Review # 2

The Rise and Fall of the American Teenager

Teenagers are more than capable of achieving great tasks in the future as well as causing great destruction with every skill stapled in their mind as they grow. Good and evil will determine the effects of which path a young mind its taught so that’s why parents must educated well with good intensions for a better future. The age of a teenager shows history how it transformed the world including the United States by family values, the high school, and dangerous adolescences etc. What teenagers did was start a fashion changing the world and its rules, becoming rebellious toward their parents values for example pregnancy acured after a marriage but that is not the case anymore for young Americans today. Today sexuality is expressed more than ever with young American by their clothes, attitudes, and way of thinking. Media can be the cause of all this you might say but, before the 1950s even before the 1900s being a rebel toward every rule of tradition was broken making the term teenagers rise. There is nothing fictional about how adolescences made their mark on history proving American society accepting the way of young adults.

`The young American teenager wasn’t created in a decade; it took about two and a half centuries for the description of adolescence as idealistic, crude, energetic, innocent, and greedy. Benjamin Franklin a inventor in the late 19 century came about and discovered how to turn on a light bulb, but he also came from a generation of apprentices learning specific skills from their masters about life styles and education from Great Britain. In the late 1700s young adolescence mostly males were send to Europe as apprentices to other family households to improve their writing and reading skills as America grew. Benjamin was a runaway apprentice that disagreed with his master’s teachings rebelling and becoming the...
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