Coming of age

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Coming of Age Paper

Every child has to come to the realization at one time or another that they cannot be a kid forever. They must at some point ‘grow up’ and learn that they will soon have to rely on themselves instead of having their parents continually help them. I guess I learned that the first time I started babysitting a girl who at the time was about seven years old.

I have always loved kids. When I was asked by a family friend to take over the job of watching their youngest daughter during the summer before my sophomore year, I was ecstatic. My mom could no longer watch her. She ran a daycare in our house for as long as I can remember but she had to stop when she went to help my dad by working at his clinic. They needed a new babysitter and I was more than willing to do the job. At the time I didn’t realize how big of a responsibility it would be to watch someone else’s child. When my mom would watch kids I would run off and watch T.V. somewhere in the house or go and play with my friends, I was never with the other kids for long periods of time.

There was so much that I needed to do. I never thought about the responsibility when I agreed to watch her. I couldn’t run off and leave her like I did when my mom watched her. I needed to make her lunch every day, make sure that she didn’t watch T.V. the whole day, and I had to play with her outside, or take her to the pool if she wanted to. I also had to help her with her school work. Her parents asked me to have her read aloud every day because she was falling behind at school with her reading. When I first started watching her, she would bring books that you expected a preschooler would be reading like Sheep in a Jeep, not a child who was going into second grade. So I took her to the library and checked out a book from The Magic Tree House series they were my favorite growing up. I thought that they would be great practice for her because I knew that her school would soon be expecting her to be...
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