Group and Team Collaboration Glenda

Topics: Communication, Team, Organization Pages: 4 (1278 words) Published: June 3, 2013
Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams
The business environment is very challenging with rapid changes in the marketplace and in organization operations. Companies such as Desert Communication, Inc. must have a strategy to implement changes and to support employee adaptation to changes. This is imperative to drive operational improvements, to improve productivity, and meet organizational goals. Moreover, a strategy is necessary to support employee engagement and motivation. This paper discusses Desert Communications action plan to present upcoming operational changes, to train employees, to facilitate collaboration, to manage conflict, and to leverage groups and teams to facilitate the operational change. Methods to Present Operational Change

“It his human nature to fear change because we are comfortable with our old habits and the things we understand” (Richardson & Denton, 1996, p. 203). Creating an environment that supports employee adaptation to change is essential and communication is critical. The methods, accuracy, and timeliness of communication can affect change success. For instance, employees may be more resistant or apprehensive if they learn about the changes through the grapevine. Desert Communications, Inc. must have a plan to support implementation of the changes. The organization must select a communication style and method of delivery to promote employee understanding and buy-in. The organization must consider the audience and potential communication barriers when designing the communications. Communication barriers include language, perception, emotion, and information overload. In this instance, the company should provide enough information to reduce or avoid ambiguity, fear, and anxiety. The communication should encourage employee participation in the changes because “participation gives members a sense of control and reduces uncertainty about the changing circumstances” (Lewis, Schimisseur, Stephens, & Weir, 2006, p. 120). The...
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