Green River Summaries

Topics: Retailing, Marketing, Sales Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: May 15, 2012
A summary of your Analysis of Green River’s performance in the last year: The Green River Clothing Company boasted an increase in yearly sales of 59% on all their product lines last year. The company had its most success in New South Wales with 36% of its total sales from the region, with Victoria coming in second at 22%. The Green River retail chain was its most prominent mode of sales with 80% of the total; the wholesale division owning 20% of the sales share. There was an average increase of 7.5% in wages over previous year coinciding with a 6.71% increase in store sales. The GRCC had a $175,000 budget for their Marketing Research and a $1357 Advertising and Sales Promotion Budget. A summary of your analysis of the environment:

When evaluating the possible or probable external forces that may affect the organization, the shift from ‘retail’ to ‘e-retail’ is probably it’s most threatening. As an industry the growth of internet trading and ‘online shopping’ has been phenomenal in the past 24 months, with many leading Australian retailers such as David and Jones and Harvey Norman struggling to come to grips with the changing landscape. Businesses are focussing on their online sales and developing new ways to sell online in order to compete with rival traders. In order for the GRCC to continue to survive and grow, it must move with the times and look down the e-retail strategy. Other factors including increased interest rates, petrol prices and other living expenses means consumers are searching harder for the best prices on the market. A summary of your analysis of the competitive landscape:

With the shift into online shopping, competition is fiercer than ever as retailers’ prices are easily accessible and comparable for consumers. With once-strong retail companies going under comes new competitors that have smaller overheads and can rival the biggest businesses. The competitive landscape in consumer retail goods is changing dramatically as more and more share...
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