Business Organisational Behaviour

Topics: Change, Policy, Organizational studies Pages: 2 (260 words) Published: October 13, 2013

Coursework Assignment Brief
Michaelmas 2013
Module Code:
Module Title:
Business Organisational Behaviour
BSc (Honours)
Awarding Body:
University of Plymouth
Module Leader
Stephen Makinson
Any special requirements:
All work must be submitted on the Student Portal along with an acceptable Turnitin Report Word Limit:
2,500 words (with 10% plus or minus leeway)
Deadline date for submission:
2400hrs 22 November 2013
Learning outcomes to be examined in this assessment
(a) Demonstrate the influence of environmental and behavioural factors on corporate size, structure and strategy. (b) Understand the processes of business planning and policy making and the reason for change over time. Percentage of marks awarded for module:

This assignment is worth 50% of the total marks for the module Assessment criteria
Explanatory comments on the assessment criteria
Maximum marks for each section
Content, style, relevance, originality
Clear demonstration of rigorous research from recognised authoritative sources. Audience focus. 50%
Format, referencing, bibliography
Constructive critical analysis, introduction, conclusion
Demonstration of a clear understanding of the issues. Use of academic models. 35%

Assignment Task
As a retail consultant you have been commissioned by a high street outlet, of your own choice, to prepare a strategy that will help them to compete for many years to come in a rapidly changing environment. The strategy will include methods of recognising how external changes impact upon the firm and the various techniques that may be used in the implementation of change. Consideration must also be given to the structure and size of the firm and how it presents itself to it’s stackholders.

Total marks for assignment: 100
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