Green Buildings

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Green Buildings


1) Introduction 1
2) Green Building Concepts4
2.1) Materials 6
2.2) Lighting8
2.3) Water Resources Management12
2.4) Ventilation and Cooling14
3)Elements of green building16
4) Basic, no cost, green building strategies21
5) Green Buildings Summarized21
6) Conclusion22
7) Case study23
8) References 25

1) Introduction:

In our country, today, the building sector is growing at a very rapid pace. It is the third largest consumer of energy, after industry and agriculture. India, being a developing nation, has a severe energy shortage and the rate at which the energy sector is growing is not sufficient to match the rate at which energy is being consumed. Add to this the fact that the processes from which energy is produced are dependant on natural resources, our increasing energy consumption equates to depletion of our natural resources and an increase in pollution. Therefore, we need to look towards environmentally benign technologies in the construction sector, so that we may contribute towards the conservation of natural resources, reduction of pollution and a saving on operating costs involved through a building’s life.

Across the world, today, the focus is on constructing “Green Buildings”, which address various environmental issues in a holistic manner. A “Green Building” can be very simply defined as a building that encompasses the use of clean and renewable energy, efficient usage of water and use of eco-friendly materials.


“Green Building” is a process for creating buildings and supporting infrastructure that minimize the use of resources, reduce harmful effects on the environment and create healthier environments for people. ‘A Green building should create delight when entered, serenity and health when occupied and regret when departed’ - Perhaps this is one of the most inspiring definitions of a Green building, articulated in the book ‘Natural Capitalism’. The appearance of a Green Building will be similar to any other building. However, the difference is in the approach, which revolves round a concern for extending the life span of natural resources; provide human comfort, safety and productivity. This approach results in reduction in operating costs like energy and water, besides several intangible benefits. Some of the salient features of a Green Building are: ♦ Minimal disturbance to landscapes and site condition

♦ Use of Recycled and Environmental Friendly Building Materials ♦ Use of Non-Toxic and recycled/recyclable Materials
♦ Efficient use of Water and Water Recycling
♦ Use of Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly Equipment
♦ Use of Renewable Energy
♦ Indoor Air Quality for Human Safety and Comfort
♦ Effective Controls and Building Management Systems

Need for building green in India:

Globally, it is being observed that the rate of growth of total energy consumption has been greater than the population growth rate. In the developed countries, the energy consumption growth rate is only marginally higher compared to the population growth rate, but in developing countries such as India, the difference is much higher. For example, according to a study conducted by the US Department of Energy recently, the energy consumption rate in the US is growing at 1.3% while population is growing at 0.8%. Contrast this with India, where the energy growth rate is 4.3% against a population growth rate of 1.3%! This trend will put a severe strain on the energy sector. The building sector, being one of the largest consumers of energy, can help ease this strain by adopting green construction practices. It is generally estimated that ‘Green Buildings’ have the potential to save anywhere between 30-40% of energy over conventional buildings.

Potential for ‘Green Buildings’ in India:...
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