Green Technology

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We live in this beautiful world which is an ultimate creation of the Almighty. But this usual world has got some unusual problems and those problems are created by us. We claim the world as our own but we can’t make its environment a fresh one. Because we are always busy making it polluted and giving it a harsh feedback. But now it’s the time to change this habit and sustain the world’s worst situation and give a ray of hope of survival. The topic of Green Technology helps this cause. Because the amount of carbon-di-oxide we are spreading each and every day, it will make that thing precise and create a fresh environment where everything will be genuinely natural. The topic of Green Technology is being illustrated below:

In modern construction, a thoughtful integration of Green Building technology can make a tremendous difference in an overall appeal of a newly constructed building. Green Building helps preserve the external environment and provides great benefits to Humans through the use of environmentally safe and energy efficient building materials, efficient use of natural resources, human safety, wellbeing and health and wellness considerations.


Figure: The Blue print of Green Technology

What does green Building mean?
Green Building is a fairly broad concept, but the core ideas of green building have the following aspects: ▪ Environmentally Friendly
It simply means two things; constructing the building is safe for the surrounding environment and will not significantly interfere with the wild life, its patterns of daily life, and that it will not negatively affect the natural environment. Nearby, It also means that building is constructed from environmentally friendly materials that are available locally and that the construction process is well designed to reduce the unnecessary pollution and negative effects on the environment. ▪ Efficient use of Resources

In green building practices, efficient use of resources means using water saving faucets and plumbing elements, energy efficient lighting units and passive solar design. It also involves, the use of energy efficient building materials aimed to attain highly energy efficient building envelope with well insulated walls, floors and ceilings. A well insulated building envelope will helps keeping building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Reduced energy consumption provides financial benefits for the building owners and helps reduce the carbon monoxide footprint of the building on the environment. ▪ Designed for health and wellbeing of the building occupants. Another important feature of a green building is its design aimed at providing comfortable and safe environment for the human occupants. It means that building will be pleasant and safe for people to be in. It could contain the elements of intuitive floor plans, spacious and well lit hallways, fresh-air circulation and monitoring units, dampness and temperature controls.

Green Building Benefits
The most fundamental benefit of Green Building is that it is environmentally friendly and safe for people occupying the building. A well designed and constructed green building is well integrated into the environment in which it is built and does not detract from it. It is pleasant and safe for people who use the building on a daily basis. Its aesthetic appeal of carefully designed and well integrated architectural features, such as efficient use of space, intuitive layouts and pleasant lighting offers psychological benefits to people. While, elements such as clean air monitoring and circulating systems, handicap access, clean water and other elements make it safe and beneficial to human health. Another important benefit of Green Building is Energy Efficiency, which results in reduced energy consumption for AC and Heating needs. It may feature elements like effective use of natural lighting, cool roof and wall panels, and green energy generating...
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