Optimization of Architectural Design of Residential Bungalow for Green Rating

Topics: Solar cell, Renewable energy, Photovoltaics Pages: 48 (11477 words) Published: December 3, 2012

The concept of green building is so much talked about but not so much implemented on the larger scale. The main aim of optimization of architectural design is to make efficient use of resources in optimum way which includes study of renewable energy, embodied energy of materials, solar radiation incident on building, and water efficiency especially through rain water harvesting.

This study also leads to emergence of green rating which will help to assess environmental impact of building. We are going to work on application of all above mentioned points on two case studies of bungalow in Sangli. In this we are going to suggest various norms and some green techniques for efficient working of building throughout its life

The Indian building industry is highly de-centralized with people and/ or groups engaged in design, construction, equipment provision, installation, and renovation working together. Each group may be organized to some extent, but there is limited interaction among the groups, thus disabling the integrated green design and application process. So to minimize all these adverse effects, concept of Green Technology came into existence. Hence, it is very important to define and quantify sustainable building practices and their benefits. It is also important to separate the role of different participants in ensuring that the building consumes minimal resources over its entire life cycle and leaves behind a minimal environmental footprint. Till now this technology is used on large scale projects. In the recent decades the need of sustainable development is identified all over the world. The sustainable development is referred as green development. The green development is consisting of use of eco-friendly materials, energy conservation & prevention of environmental quality degradation. Further it is used to reduce the adverse impact on environment due to man-made sources of pollution. The lot of work is carried out in this regards is related with urban settlements. Thus, buildings are one of the major pollutants that affect urban air quality and contribute to climate change. Hence the need to design a green building, the essence of which would be to address all these issues in an integrated and scientific manner. It is true that it costs a little more to design and construct a green building. However, it is also known that it costs less to operate a green building that has tremendous environmental benefits and provides a better place for the occupants to live and work in. Thus, the challenge of a green building is to achieve all its benefits at an affordable cost. Now days, the concept of GREEN Building is so much talked about in society. But it is not implemented upto the mark. So we are trying an attempt to make society aware of full utilization of GREEN concepts for their buildings. Therefore identification of problem areas, development of methodology for green planning of our area and coming up with best feasible solution in need of day.

1.1 Green – Technology – A concept
2.1.1. Need of green concept
India is a developing country. Due to development more people are attracted towards the urban areas. Hence land in urban area is developed for providing accommodation to the people. This is creating boom in construction industry. Attractive buildings are built to attract more people towards them by the builders. This creates harmful impact on the environment. Also due greed of more land acquisition and to earn more profit the environment around is being neglected. Hence one must go hand-in-hand with the environment along with development. Hence there is necessity of Eco-friendly design. There less awareness about the green technology, hence public must be made aware and must be educated about the green system. Green system must be applied to get the following benefit: * To...

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