Green Banking Circular from Bangladesh Bank

Topics: Bank, Environmentalism, Environment Pages: 9 (2495 words) Published: September 13, 2011
Banking Regulation & Policy Department
Bangladesh Bank
Head Office
February 27, 2011
BRPD Circular No.02 Date: ----------------------
Falgun 15, 1417
Chief Executives
All Scheduled Banks in Bangladesh
Policy Guidelines for Green Banking
We are aware that global warming is an issue that calls for a global response. The rapid change in climate will be too great to allow many eco-systems to suitably adapt, since the change have direct impact on biodiversity, agriculture, forestry, dry land, water resources and human health. Due to unusual weather pattern, rising greenhouse gas, declining air quality etc. society demands that business also take responsibility in safeguarding the planet. Green finance as a part of Green Banking makes great contribution to the transition to resource-efficient and low carbon industries i.e. green industry and green economy in general. Green banking is a component of the global initiative by a group of stakeholders to save environment. The state of environment in Bangladesh is rapidly deteriorating. The key areas of environmental degradation cover air pollution, water pollution and scarcity, encroachment of rivers, improper disposal of industrial medical and house-hold waste, deforestation, loss of open space and loss of biodiversity. In addition, Bangladesh is one of the most climate change vulnerable countries. In line with global development and response to the environmental degradation, financial sector in Bangladesh should play important roles as one of the key stake holders. In response to the above, urgent measures are required by stake holders for sustainable development and thereby save the planet. Banks hold a unique position in an economic system that can affect production, business and other economic activities through their financing activities and thus may contribute to pollute environment. Moreover, energy and water efficiency and waste reduction are of high concern for many big banks. Green banks or environmentally responsible banks do not only improve their own standards but also affect socially responsible behavior of other business. Bangladesh Bank's Earlier Initiatives:

BB is well aware of the environmental degradation situation as mentioned above and has already given time to time directions to all scheduled banks. Commercial Banks are now required to ensure necessary measures to protect environmental pollution while financing a new project or providing working capital to the existing enterprises. Banks have been advised to facilitate their clients with utmost care in opening Letter of Credit (L/C) for installation of Effluent Treatment Plant(ETP) in the industrial units. Banks have been advised to finance in Solar Energy, Bio-gas, ETP and Hybrid Hoffman Kiln (HHK) in brick field under refinance programme of BB. A comprehensive guidelines on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been issued where banks have been asked to concentrate contd……..p/2

hard on linking CSR at their highest corporate level for ingraining environmentally and socially responsible practices and engaging with borrowers in scrutiny of the environmental and social impacts. Banks have been brought under the purview of E-commerce with a view to providing the customers with online-banking facilities covering payments of utility bills, money transfer and transactions in local currency through internet as well. Considering the adverse effects of Climate Change, banks have been advised to be cautious about the adverse impact of natural calamities and encourage the farmers to cultivate salinity resistant crops in the salty areas, water resistant crops in the water locked and flood prone areas, drought resistant crops in the drought prone areas, using surface water instead of underground water for irrigation and also using organic fertilizer, insecticides by natural means instead of using chemical...
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