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In this letter of intent, I am going to focus on the rewards of studying finance further at the graduate level. I have chosen XYZ University because I feel it will best prepare me to fulfill my career objectives. I have always dream to see my name amongst Internationally acclaimed JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch & in India companies like Religare,CARE ratings etc. To reach there, I will have to act and that’s why I happen to apply to your esteemed University for my Master in finance.

My passion of mathematics and computer led me to choose computer Engineering from dharmsinh desai university(DDIT)as my undergraduate major. After completing my graduation, I went on to do MBA-Finance program. I have always enjoyed and been strong in areas that require problem solving, analytical and mathematical skills. I am anxious to combine the knowledge of, and aptitude for, these skills with my interest in finance. I have broad research experience in stock market. I have done “Equity research” project in MBA-Finance that starts with the introduction of stocks, stock market, stock valuation, factor affecting stock valuation, valuation methods, about value and valuation techniques.

I have chosen to pursue master’s studies in the US because it is home to many of the leading financial professionals and institutions in the world. The recent financial crisis has transformed the finance industry, and studying in the US is ideal for grasping the changes that are currently taking place in this field. Specifically, the resources and expertise available in your university will provide me with a broad and deep learning experience. I am eager to challenge myself in such a setting and learn from renowned professors, while interacting with equally ambitious and motivated classmates. the other area of importance to my goals is leadrship development a people -driven financial services enterprise,the greatest asset is people - their knowledge...
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