Grant Information on Private Domestic Well Drilling in Ireland

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Patrick Briody & Sons Ltd. are happy to issue this information leaflet as a result of general queries, which have arisen with the introduction of:

Grant for the provision or necessary improvement of an individual water supply to a Dwelling house.

The information is believed to be correct but this cannot be guaranteed. Opinions constitute our judgement, which are subject to change and should not be relied upon - you should form your own opinion about any action and take appropriate advice.


If a public or group scheme water supply has already been or can reasonably be provided or the area in which the house is located is about to be served by a public water supply or a group scheme water supply, you are unlikely to be eligible for grant approval.

A person is not eligible for a grant where the house is under construction or has been constructed within the previous 7 years, or has received grant assistance towards provision or improvement of a water supply to the house within the previous 10 years.

Works do not qualify, where, in the opinion of the local authority;

They relate to the provision or upgrading of a supply of water for non-domestic purposes,


where the works have been carried out before the local authority’s prior inspection takes place.

Payment of the grant is subject to a water supply, which is satisfactory in both quality and quantity. Please note, achieving water quality which complies with critical chemical and bacteria parameters is generally difficult. The emphasis will be on safety of water for consumption purposes. Thus, a situation can be envisaged where drilling and pump installation work, including civil works etc may be completed and paid for however, due to unsafe water quality, determined by a water quality analysis, all or part of a provisionally approved grant payment may not be issued.


Complete and submit an Application form on a local authority form WG1. The Application form should be accompanied by a site location map of the house e.g. Ordnance Survey Map and indicate by marking with ink pen where proposed water well and works are to be located on your particular site.

Suggest location be upgradient of septic tank with a distance from borehole to discharge point from septic tank at 100 ft or greater. Where possible the well should be on existing hard standing to allow ease of access with machinery, also allows access over time should a complaint arise. The well should be close to an existing garage, shed, boiler house etc. to accommodate pump and motor in the case of a deep well overhead pump or in the case of a submersible pump, while the Pump is in the borehole you will still need a secure and enclosed area to house the pressure tank which maybe located up to 150 ft – 200 ft away

The local authority Engineer will carry out an inspection to determine whether the applicant is eligible, i.e. if the proposed works qualify and all other terms and conditions of the scheme are complied with. If the Engineer is satisfied with above he will issue a Letter/Certificate of Provisional Approval, determining the approved cost and the amount of the grant.

The Contractor to undertake drilling and possibly a second Contractor to supply and commission pump must be registered for VAT and hold a current Form C2 or Tax Clearance Certificate for the Revenue Commissioners.

On completion of the works, payment of grant may be claimed by the applicant by signing the declaration incorporated in the Certificate of Provisional Approval and return it with receipts in respect of qualifying works to the Local Authority.

Following receipt of a claim for payment, the local authority Engineer will carry out a second inspection to ensure all works claimed for, have been undertaken. At this stage your Local Health Board Officer will also arrange to come to site to retrieve a water sample...
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